One of our favorite things about the beer we make is the people who drink it. Where they're from, how they heard about West Sixth, and where they take our beer are always stories we love to hear and share. We made this #hashtag - #westsixthinthewild - with the hopes of seeing where our beloved beer ends up after it leaves the brewery.

What an honor it has been to be able to see your experiences outside of our 'home'! We've seen West Sixth in the Andes Mountains, at Firkin Festivals in the U.K., hiding in your bushes in the back yard, and being enjoyed around a Kentucky summer campfire with s'mores. 

We love these little beer vacations so much that we made a wall for your #tagged photos right here in the brewery. If you happen to come by, check out what your fellow West Sixth'ers are up to right now. We would LOVE to throw your photo up there, so if you find yourself sipping on one of our cold beers, tag it with #westsixthinthewild. And be sure to check the hashtag out for endless entertainment!

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