Meet the West Sixth Farm



And it is glorious. For awhile there, we had our heads down working so hard that we weren't sure it'd ever get open! But wow, seeing this gorgeous piece of Kentucky land come to life as the West Sixth Farm has been an absolute blast! Y'all don't even know how good it feels to be under the pavilion watching you walk out to the hop yard and chicken coop to explore, pull your mountain bike right in and lay it down while you hydrate, come in sweaty from a trail run, or play cornhole and watch your sweet kiddos scoop pea gravel into buckets. We live for this stuff! 

We've got ten of our beers on tap, two cows, thirty some odd chickens, a honeybee hive, Cascade and Chinook hops growing up poles, over four miles of mountain bike and hiking trails, some great picnic snacks, one pretty pond and one fishin' pond, countless black and raspberry brambles tucked in between cider apple trees, and those beautiful rolling hills of the great Bluegrass State. 

Looking at the future of the Farm, we will host great events! Weddings, beer dinners, trail running and biking, and maybe just a good old fashioned cookout here and there. We've also got a nano-brewery to brew up something delicious that you can only get right here in Franklin County. Of course we'd love to start growing vegetables and herbs and be as sustainable as possible, but this is a work in progress, folks! We appreciate so much your enthusiasm to grow with us!

Please come visit! We are open on Saturday's, for now, while we get our feet wet and put your great feedback to good use. I do hear that Frankfort said 'yes' to Sunday sales so be on the lookout for the extended hours. Thank you SO much for being patient and supporting us in our of our biggest endeavors yet. We look so forward to meeting and laughing with all of you as we share our mutual love of good beer and Kentucky.