Yet again another week for the books. Every year when most of the lights are off, streamers and popped balloons hanging around, there are only a few employees left and it is the perfect time for reflection. Somehow this sixth birthday felt bigger and brought on more nostalgia than ever -- probably because we are officially closer to ten now.

This year came with all the old classics and some brand new happenings. Our annual Homebrew Competition brought in a lively bunch on a rainy day and we released our first ever One-Off cans, Second Fiddle Simcoe and Mo' Beam New England IPA. We patted ourselves on the back for choosing to do the Magic Show on the first Sunday instead of the one after The Big Day, and it was as cool as ever to see all those great kiddos in our big beer garden with their eyes lit up.

We celebrated our weekly Run/Walk and Yoga clubs, then went on into our second annual Local Mash. It has quickly become one of our favorite events, showcasing inspiring Kentucky chefs who totally outdo themselves with tastebud explosions that match perfectly with our beer. Community Day always brings our Bread Box together and then we gear up for Saturday.

The day started early with at least ten people in line at 6:30am growing steadily throughout the morning for the Noon release of Snakes Awake! and Snake Cake bottles; a few even for the free stuff at ten! Let me tell you, if you have never been in a long-awaited craft beer bottle release line, you are missing some serious camaraderie. The craft beer connection is strong and witnessing it is such a pleasure. By the time we got around to the bottles, we'd all been laughing for hours. 

Next up came the Fruit Beam Bar (four fruited New England IPAs) and Snake Cake tapping. Of course there were sour candies, Sunrise Bakery Cupcakes, owner tours, Bellaire Blooms flowers and airbrushed t-shirts, rounding it all out with live music surrounded by shiny silver tanks. 

Our West Sixth team keeps growing and each year we get to talk about all the years past. How many beers were on when we started and who worked behind the bar. The giveaway mishaps and equalization of stress and fun. Funny stories told of owners with pint glasses on their hands, who got weird at the end of the night, and where we'll be in six more. 

We hope you spend this next year with us laughing, drinking good beer, and watching our Farm come to open. Meet you next year for number seven!