Tim has been a fixture around West Sixth since we opened. It's no surprise that he's known for local activism and riding his bike, as he is one of the co-starters of a community bike shop in our building (The Bread Box) called Broke Spoke. We always knew he'd end up on the payroll, and has been killing it in the Special Events department since sometime last year.

When I asked Tim what he'd like to be when he grows up, he said 'not grown up'. Cheers to that! (Mare's Milk Stout on us, Tim. You can pour it.) Speaking of beer, when asked to describe West Sixth beer to someone with no tastebuds, an entire debate ensued. Activist! But he did say it was a party in your mouth, explaining his hypothetical baseball walkout song by The Coup, 'Everythang'. Listen to that one at your own risk, folks. 

If given one million bucks, Tim would take half of it to care for his family, and half to invest back into non-profits he is passionate about. This is especially important to us around here, so our hats are tipped. 

A few ending facts: He'd be a dog if he were an animal because the only expectations are to eat food and love on people. He loathes cell phone holsters, bluetooths and pop sockets, (cell phone gadgets). And if asked by a child to explain his job, he'd say it's the easiest job he's ever had, selling beer!