In the two+ years since Kaitlyn has been with us, she's given out more smiles than we all have in our years combined. Chances are, if you've been to West Sixth even one time, you know this smile and have probably even gotten a warming hug! 

I asked Kaitlyn a few questions that I probably already knew her answers to: "If you were president which law would you make? If a child asked you if Santa was real, what would you tell them? What can you not live without?" Her answers in a nutshell? Kindness, kindness, and hazelnut coffee creamer. 

She admits she has some flaws, like losing everything and wishing she could have a button on her body for things like keys, her phone, her wallet. She claims she is indecisive but really, her positive energy has made us blind to these things.  When asked to describe her job to a child? "People come see you and get juice, then they hang out awhile and you make them happy! And throwing parties!"

We couldn't live without her around here!