Here at West Sixth, being Sustainable means so many things to us— and that definition changes each year as we grow and learn. Please view and hear more about what we think sustainability means, how we measure it, and how we can improve, below.

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Another year of reflection, growth, and practicing what it means for West Sixth Brewing to be sustainable.

Bringing this data together often puts us in a place to feel that ‘We CAN do more’ — encouraged by our consistency to give back to the community, create a good work culture, and also work to better our environmental practices.

Having a year of the farm bustling with not only wildlife and new growth, but PEOPLE in our taproom and land in Frankfort, has opened up a huge door in how we can expose friends, fans and newcomers to the importance of respecting the land, learning about native Kentucky biomes, and teaching the kids that run around our fields to love and appreciate the outdoors. We hope to take 2019 with a new focus on teaching — with more hikes, more workshops, and more gatherings of environmentally focused groups.

Being a for-profit business and giving back to non-profit groups has always been a pillar of the West Sixth business plan since day one. Working to expand that concept even further, year after year, is a huge goal for us. Physically participating in events, hosting drives, implementing giving thru our Pay It Forward Cocoa Porter program, and working with groups of all sizes to find out what is needed from us to be a good community partner.

Lexington is growing — and Kentucky is growing too. We want to always be thoughtful about where our money is spent when we brew new beers and build new spaces. Utilizing local businesses as contractors and providers is so important — and even more important is taking that extra step to create symbiotic relationships with farmers, restaurants, local bakeries, coffee roasters, & more.

Thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for supporting West Sixth. We’re far from perfect, but being supported by our community only gives us more time and space to find more ways to give back. We’re excited to move into 2019 with a Silver Bike Friendly Business designation, and a Bronze in Live Green Lexington’s GreenCheck Program. Cheers to moving our city and state forward — and to finding new ways to be sustainable, not only environmentally— but with our culture, economy, and giving.

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