Drink A Beer, Pay It Forward

From the beginning, we at West Sixth have been focused not just on brewing great beer, but also giving back to the communities we're a part of.

The Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter is a great way for you to join in the fun! For every 6-pack sold, we're going to give .50c to a nonprofit making a difference in the community that beer was sold in. We're also asking our distributors if they'll match that donation.  For us, it's just a small way we can give back.

Special thanks to Liquor Barn for matching the .50c donation in both the Louisville and Central KY areas! Also our distributors, Clark Distributing, River City Distributing, and Stagnaro Distributing will be matching in their respective areas. And, most recently, Party Source in Northern KY for matching another $.50 for the NKY/Cincy selected nonprofit!

If you know of a great non-profit that you'd like us to support, you can nominate them here.  Each quarter, our employees will vote to select the nonprofit in each area, and we'll make a donation that depends on the amount of beer sold.

So join us, drink a great beer, and pay it forward!

This fourth beer offered year round in cans is a celebration of malt.  Dark and rich with overtones of coffee and dark chocolate, it's chewy and yet smooth at the same time.  Brewed at almost imperial porter strength, we add over 60 pounds of the best cacao nibs in each 40 barrel batch.

ABV: 6%
Malts: 2 row, Pale Chocolate Malt, Munich, Caramunich
Hops: Cascade
Yeast: House Ale
Additions: Organic, fair trade Taza cacao nibs

Have our Cocoa Porter on tap or in cans? Download the Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter PDF for your bar or retail staff!

April-June 2017 Pay It Forward recipients!

April-June 2017 Pay It Forward recipients!

About the Cacao Nibs

Our Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter uses cacao nibs supplied to us by Taza Chocolate.  These nibs are sourced in the best possible way:

All cacao is sourced from USDA Certified Organic farms that practice sustainable agriculture practices.

At least $500 price premium above NYICE price per metric ton on the date of invoice is paid directly to the farmers.

Taza physically visits each farmer and farm cooperative we source from at least once a year to build long-term relationships.

Taza sources must ensure fair and humane work practices.

Taza never buys cacao from sources that engage in child or slave labor.

Paying a price premium of $500 or more per metric ton over the commodity exchange price directly to the farmers, not only allows Taza to source the highest quality cacao, it also enables them to ensure their supply chain meets the most rigorous, independently verified, social, environmental, and economical standards. 

We're proud to use Taza cacao nibs in the creation of the Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter.