Neon Transfer Decal

Step by step instructions & video below on placing your new sticker on a surface!

Clean and dry sticker surface well!

1) Remove gridded paper backing carefully. Start at one corner and peel back. You’ll need to make sure all the pieces from the decal stay attached to the clear transfer tape. If a piece stays stuck on the paper, just push the paper back on to the clear tape until the sticker piece re-attaches itself to the clear tape.

2) Flip over clear transfer tape with decal on it, and stick carefully onto surface. You cannot remove once you stick to a surface!

3) Rub sticker shapes and pieces with your finger or palm. Take care to make sure every piece is touched so it sticks to surface.

4) Peel away clear transfer tape carefully! If a piece of the sticker comes up, lower transfer tape back down onto surface and rub the sticker part