West Sixth Taproom Exclusives

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KEG SALES_TaproomExclusive-01.png

West Sixth Taproom Exclusives


PICKUP ONLY at West Sixth Brewing in Lexington Kentucky - See map

Pickup times are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 12pm-5pm

You will receive an email when your keg is ready for pickup. PLEASE reserve weekend pickups no later than noon the Friday before.

Please bring a credit card for the keg deposit at your pickup, and if you would like to rent a picnic tap.

1/6 Barrel Kegs are 5.16 gallons, or around 50 16oz pours*

Check out this video from our friends at Sun King on how to tap a keg :)

*Properly poured pints with solid head that takes up about 2 ounces of the glass

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The Belle & The Bloke

A single hop pale ale featuring Idaho-7 hops. Drinking light with a complex hop profile, this beer is a perfect pale ale for the warmer months. 5.5% ABV.

Peaks Mill Pale Ale

A bright and refreshing pale ale, light hop flavors that read mostly herbal and floral are balanced by a subtle cracker and bready focused malt profiles. 5.3%

Michlerweisse Hefeweizen

A light and refreshing beer with a smooth wheaty malt character that is balanced by spicey and fruity notes coming from the hefeweizen yeast. 5.3% — Our collab with Kentucky Native Cafe!