PICKUP ONLY at West Sixth Brewing in Lexington Kentucky - Kegs will NOT be delivered or shipped - See map

Pickup times are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 12pm-5pm. Drop-ins are also available at this time, but you will be limited to what is available that week (based on other sales/pre-orders). 

You WILL be required to put down a $30 deposit for each keg purchased that will be lifted when your keg(s) are returned. We also have picnic taps (pump taps) that you may also put a $30 deposit down for if needed. Credit Card is required for deposits. 

You will receive an email when your keg is ready for pickup. Please reserve weekend pickups no later than noon the Friday before.

1/2 Barrel Kegs are 15.5 gallons, or around 125 16oz pours*

Diameter: 15.55"  Height: 23.62"  

1/6 Barrel Kegs are 5.16 gallons, or around 50 16oz pours*

Diameter: 8.98" Height: 23.62"

Per law, an individual cannot purchase MORE than two (2) 1/2 barrel kegs OR six (6) 1/6 barrel kegs OR one (1) 1/2 barrel and (3) 1/6 barrel kegs to-go in total at a time.  (i.e. you cannot purchase two (2) 1/2 bbls AND six (6) 1/6 bbls). We will contact you if you have exceeded your limit as an individual purchaser. Purchasing of kegs is for private-use individuals ONLY -- not businesses or bars. 

Email kegsales@westsixth.com with any questions. 

*Properly poured pints with solid head that takes up about 2 ounces of the glass