We offer free hour long tours of our brewery and production system on Saturdays at 2pm.

Tours start in the tap room.  Click here to register (online registration ends 1 hour before the tour, after that point register at the bar — registration limited to 30 people):

Eventbrite - West Sixth Brewing Tour

Tours include samples of our flagship beers, and an opportunity to learn about West Sixth Brewing and the brewing process in general.   Tours are free, and they’re usually run by one of the owners of the brewery, or one of our long-term employees -

Hope to see you at one of them!

Also, upon request, our bartenders can do quick (5 minute) tours of the brewery at any other time.  Just please don’t ask if we’re swamped!

Also, if you’d like to see more of the building, FoodChain, a local non-profit growing tilapia and microgreens in an indoor aquaponics system (and or neighbor) offers tours at 1pm on Saturdays.  Info is available here (note since they’re a non-profit, they have a suggested donation of $10). So, come see the fish at 1, and the brewery at 2!