Still waiting for a response

On Tuesday night, Cerveceria Costa Rica (owners of Magic Hat IP) posted 4 conditions to outline a way to settle our differences. On Wednesday morning, we accepted all 4 conditions and showed them 4 different new options for our logo. All they had to do was select one of them.But it’s been more than 24 hours, and we still haven’t had a response to our offer.In that time, Magic Hat has accused us of lying, damaging their brand, and then asked us to stop talking publically about the dispute. Of course, that last part is the one that really matters to them.

Our campaign is winning. We’ve got their attention. Nearly 15,000 people have joined our campaign to tell Magic Hat “No More”. If you haven’t yet signed it, please go here and do it right now.

We have to keep the pressure on. Can you help by doing these 4 things today?

  1. Share a link to on your Facebook page and Twitter feed. This is critical to our success. Even if you’ve done it before.
  2. Send a quick email to 3 of your friends asking them to sign the petition. The email can be really simple – just say: This is an important issue to me and I’d really appreciate your support.
  3. Post something to the Magic Hat Facebook page at letting them know what you think about their corporate bullying.
  4. If you know any friends who are reporters, can you send them a quick note suggesting that they might like to write about this frivolous lawsuit?

If you can help us by doing those 4 things today, I know we’ll be successful.
Thank you again for joining us in telling Magic Hat “No More”!

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