Introducing the West Sixth Experimental Series

photo (1)We’re excited to finally talk more about a new project we’ve had going on here at West Sixth – the West Sixth Experimental Series.

Since we’ve been having to dedicate more and more of our fermenter capacity to filling the huge demand we’ve seen for our West Sixth IPA and Amber, we’ve been unable to fill the tap room taps with all of the different beers we’ve been dreaming up.  In addition, we now have 4 different folks working in the brewery, each with some great and exciting ideas for some new West Sixth brews.

So, we’ve decided to try something new and scale down – way down – to do some West Sixth Experimental Brews.

Starting this week, each Wednesday and Friday, we’re going to release a very small batch of a completely new beer. We expect these to go quick – we’ll only have about 60-80 pints of each – so we doubt they’ll last more than a day.  But, along with Firkin Thursday (which will continue), we think they’ll allow us to try a whole series of recipes, hear what you like, and then we’ll be able to scale them up to our full system size.

So come on down when you see one you like, and give it a try.

This week, we’ve got two beers:  a Hoppy Brown ale with nuts (half with macadamia Nuts and half with hazelnuts) and a new Saison (half made with local raspberries and half made with lemons). Both of these were brewed by a former bartender and now new addition to our brewing team – Tyler. Our Firkin on Thursday is also a small batch beer – an ESB brewed up by Andrew.

So come on down and try one of these fun new beers.  We’ll be open at 3pm today, and Noon on the Thursday and Friday!

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  • Paul anderson II July 16, 2013, 10:36 pm

    The Hoppy browns with hazelnut and macadamia nuts were GOOOOD!!!!!


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