We’re doubling our capacity!

When we opened our doors four months ago, we started with a new brewing system that would allow us to produce 90 barrels of beer every two weeks…that’s a little over 21,000 pints. Based on our projections, this capacity should have carried us through our first two years. But you were thirsty!

This past week, we received two more 60 barrel fermenters which will give us an additional 28,800 pints every two weeks. So, what in the world are we doing with all of this beer?

Well, first off, we are doing our best to get our IPA into each and every restaurant and bar in Central Kentucky. So far, we’ve had great success, but there are still many places that we hope to enter. If we’re not in your favorite place, let us know and please ask for us when you are out and about.

Secondly, we hope to be able to send more beer to the Louisville market. We never, ever want to run out of beer in Lexington, but Louisville is also an excellent and fun craft beer town. Over the next couple of months, we plan to be able to offer our IPA at several bars and restaurants there. Also, we are excited to be a part of Louisville Craft Beer Week in September, so please consider coming over to check out some of our events during the nine-day celebration of local craft beer.

Finally, we want to make more small batches of beer for you all to try in the taproom. This extra capacity will allow us to free up some tanks we’re currently using for IPA so that we can release new beers more frequently.

Most importantly, you absolutely rock. The support we have received from our community has been unbelievable, and we are so proud to be making a local product that people love to drink. We promise to keep making local beer as long as you promise to keep drinking it!


  • Daniel Sparks September 10, 2012, 1:23 am

    I want you to challenge Alltech; make a Bourbon Ale Beer! You made the first IPA that I actually liked. You can do this! Please! It’s ten dollars for a four pack! WTF! It is a challenge, and I expect you to rise to the expectation of the community. I am not the only one to think about this. Thanks, guys.

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