Look out below: a mural is coming

by Joe on October 14, 2011

"Can we put this roof-top tree in the mural too?"

Over the last couple of Saturdays, the Bread Box has been filled with more energy than it has seen in several years. The source of this energy is Sarah Heller and her hard-charging group of UK architecture students who are working on a huge mural that will be located on the exterior of our building. Sarah – a local artist, architect, and UK lecturer, will utilize materials from the building to show how scrap and seemingly useless items can be recycled and re-utilized into beautiful form and function.  She recruited an adventurous group of around twenty students to help scavenge materials from inside, around, and on top of the Bread Box. On the first Saturday, Sarah and company spent hours in every nook and cranny of the building including a long stint on our one acre flat roof which is dotted with old air handlers and other mystery machines. The students removed old vents, fans, covers, and anything else remotely loose off of these machines and tossed all off the stuff to the ground below. Everyone got some satisfaction and stress relief out of flinging stuff off the roof, for sure.

On the second Saturday, Sarah and the students measured every piece and started plugging dimensions into a CAD file. Over the winter, Sarah will be moving the items around on the screen and spending a ton of time trying to bring everything together into a cohesive mural. Some pieces will go on as-is while others will be snipped, bent, painted, or welded together. Next spring, the mural moves from Sarah’s screen to an exterior Bread Box wall facing Bellaire Avenue. If early plans are any indication, this thing is going to be unbelievable. We are all psyched and are so grateful for Sarah’s initiative and the team’s vision and hard work. Also, huge thanks to LexArts and the city of Lexington for awarding Sarah the eco-art grant that made this mural possible. With our strong emphasis on environmental conservation in both the brewery and overall development, we are thrilled that this project is taking place on our walls.

We’ll keep you posted of the progress and might even throw in a sneak peek here and there so, stay tuned!

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